Places to Share Your README

Where can you post your README so your team will have access to it?

- Jake Reynolds

Sharing your README

So you've done it, you finally wrote your README, congratulations! Now comes the hard part, getting others to read and learn from it. While writing a README is as much an exercise in self-awareness as it is a public document about yourself, it's also a great tool for others to use to learn how to work with you. Here are 6 places you should include your README at work!

Not sure what link to use? When editing your README, just copy the URL from your browser![username] is all you need.

1️⃣ Slack

Don't forget to include your pronouns while you're at it!

  • Click on your profile picture in the top right > Profile > Edit Profile and place your README link under "What I Do".

2️⃣ Outlook

While maybe not appropriate to include in client-facing emails, including your README in your email signature for internal emails can really help others in the organization learn about you.

  • Click on New Message > Signatures > Manage Signatures and add it under your name!

3️⃣ Around

If your team is hanging out in an Around room, share your link in chat while in that awkward period before everyone joins.

  • Click on the chat window in the bottom of the room, and paste your link!

4️⃣ Twitter

Really want to introduce yourself to the world? Add your README to your twitter profile!

  • Click on Edit profile > Website

5️⃣ Instagram

For the aesthetic or social among us, Instagram is a great tool for documenting your life, much like README!

  • Click on your profile picture > Settings and paste your README link in either "Website" or "Bio".

6️⃣ Internal Wikis

Many organizations use an internal wiki or documentation site. Maybe they already have a dedicated place for READMEs! Create a new page or contribute to an existing section by including a link to your README!

Has using README helped you resolve differences in the workplace, or increased productivity? Let us know on twitter @teamreadme!

- Jake Reynolds, Founder @ README