The Open Source Personal User Manual

Increase workplace communication and empathy by documenting the latest version of you. Introduce yourself to co-workers, learn about others, and make every day interactions more enjoyable.

How does it work?

I'm a 

👋 Hello there!

I just joined [awesome start up] this week and wanted to introduce myself to everyone! This is my README, inside of it you will find:

  1. An awesome set of facts about me
  2. My likes and dislikes
  3. How best to work with me
  4. Fun stories from my career

Shall we get started?

🤪 Fun facts about me

  • I can throw a football over that mountain over there
  • I've never been to Greece
  • I'm not real!

Now it's your turn. Get started here!

A better way to communicate.

Learn about coworkers

In a successful company with new coworkers starting every week, it's hard to keep up. Thankfully they have a README 🙌

Increase accessibility

Navigating the social minefield that is life can be difficult for many. Help make sure everyone's working with the same information.

Get up to speed, fast

Meeting with your CEO for the first time? I'm sure her README will give you the confidence you need to ace that meeting.

Optimize communication

Let others now your best working styles, paths for communication, and preferred tones when working with you.
Image of a city's skyline

README allows me to give everyone in my life an up-to-date index of me and who I am working to become.

Jake Reynolds, Founder at README

Let the world know who you are

Outside of intro meetings and twitter bios, how much opportunity do you really have to communicate who you are to your peers?

Since the mid-1970s README files have been included alongside software to provide an overview and describe the purpose of a piece of software. Shouldn't humans come with the same documentation? README acts as a living, breathing documentation of yourself:

  • Introduce your preferred communication methods.
  • Let peers know flaws you're working on fixing.
  • Learn about how people truly see themselves.

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